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It's Time to Clean your Eavestroughs Calgary

It looks like winter might be here to stay in Calgary, but there still might be time to clean your eavestroughs (or gutters) and downspouts. Don’t risk damage to your roof and fascia by letting leaves and other debris block your eavestroughs or gutters from safely taking away water from your home.

The Purpose of Eavestroughs

Your eavestroughs serve the vital purpose of collecting rainfall and melting snow and directing it away from your home. With clean eavestroughs and downspouts, water from your roof will be safely taken away several feet from your home, protecting your roof, fascia and foundation of your home.

Clean Your Calgary Eavestroughs 

The Problem of Clogged Eavestroughs

As beautiful as autumn leaves are, they can often fill eavestroughs and create blockages where water can no longer be taken safely away from your home. If your home is near larger trees, it is very likely you’ll have some accumulation of leaves, branches and other debris inside your gutters.

Water can overflow your eavestroughs and damage the foundation or your home to contribute to basement flooding. You may also have water accumulation on portions of your roof that can damage roofing materials and lead to water leaks and other problems.

In the winter, these pools of water can potentially freeze, pushing up roofing materials and damaging the roof. 

Heavy pools of water or ice accumulation can also strain your eavestroughs and the fascia boards they are connected to, pulling the eavestroughs away from your home and leading to other roofing issues.

How to Clean your Gutters

You’ll need a long ladder, a good pair of work gloves, a garden trowel and some garbage bags to clean out your eavestroughs.

Start at corner of your house and move toward your downspouts. Clean out all the debris and fill up the plastic garbage bags as you go. Be careful to move to ladder often so you do not over-extend and risk falling over. Remember, the ground around your home is wet and will likely be soft so make sure your ladder has solid footing. Take your time and make sure you are working safely. 

If you haven’t cleaned the eavestroughs in a long time, it may be some work to get all the debris out. Hopefully, the buildup won’t be too much and you can finish in a leisurely afternoon.

Schedule Regular Eavestrough Maintenance Every Year 

Don’t take chances. Cleaning your gutters is just like changing the oil in your car or painting your house. Regular maintenance and care will extend the life of your roof and eavestroughs, potentially saving you expensive roof or fascia damage. It should only take a couple of hours, once a year. On the next warmer day, enjoy some time outside and inspect those gutters.

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