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Lomanco Roofing Vent 

One of the most effective methods of ventilating an attic is the installation of ridge vents. Ridge vents run along the peak of a home’s roof, providing an outlet for the problems of heated air in summer and moisture formation in the winter.

Lomanco Roofing Shingle Vent

Tony William Roofing & Exteriors is proud to deal with Lomanco and to offer the installation of their top notch Or-4 & Or-4N ridge vent models. Some of the many advantages of Lomanco’s OmniRidge shingle-over ridge models include that they are UV resistant, heavyweight and come with a lifetime warranty. Unlike the other ridge vents in the market,Lomanco ridge vents do not have any fibrous and fabric mesh, and distinguish themselves with their external, internal and perpendicular baffle systems that achieve maximum ventilation capacity and weather protection.

The way ridge vents work is very simple. Air enters the attic at the lower baffle system of the vent, then using the heat of the sun as an accelerator the baffle system transfers air up under the roof deck, washing the underside of the roof with fresh air somewhat continuously. The design is intended to allow outside air into the attic through the baffle vents. As the air rises towards the ridge it washes the underside of the roof and both cools and dries it.

Ventilation is important all year long, even during the winter. Inadequate or improper attic ventilation in a home can create year round problems ranging from over-heating of the attic during the summer and condensation and moisture formation during winter. If you see moisture or mildew growing on your attic rafters, or basement ceiling joists, then know that you have too much humidity and it has to be released.

Tony William Roofing and Exteriors is proud to offer the Lomanco OmniRidge® shingle-over ridge vent – OR-4 roofing product line. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to speak with one of our roofing experts. (403) 454-1366

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