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Pine Shake Roofing Replacement Calgary


Do You Have Untreated Pine Shake Roofing?

While pine roofing can be very beautiful in the early years, thousands of home owners in Calgary and other parts of Alberta are discovering that their roof is rotting away, leading to water leaks and much more serious structural damage to their homes.

Pine Shake Roofing Replacement Calgary

The History of Untreated Pink Shakes in Alberta

In 1986, the Alberta provincial government approved the use of untreated pine shingles as a roofing material. With the look of cedar at a lower cost, pine shake roofing shingles were installed on tens of thousands of Alberta homes. It was not until 1998 when pine shakes were removed from the building code as a roofing material in Alberta. (You can find more Pine Shakes Information on the Government of Alberta website.)

In those two decades, tens of thousands of homes were constructed with pine shake shingle roofing. Many of those homes are in SE Calgary. Owners of relatively new homes in many communities are forced to replace their roofs much earlier than anticipated. Pine shake shingles were expected to last 25 years, however, the reality is that it was difficult to get more than 12 year of useful life.

In simple terms, if you have untreated pine shake shingles in Calgary, they are leaking water. You may not see any evidence of water leaks on the interior of your home yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

Can Pine Shake Roofs be Repaired?

You may be able to have a pine shake roofing specialist patch up the more damaged areas of your roof to extend it’s life slightly, but there is no avoiding an eventual replacement. While old growth cedar shingles were known to last for many decades, this is definitely not the case with pine, especially if it was installed untreated.

Pine Shake Conversions Calgary

The only real remedy for rotting pine shingles is replacement. All the old pine shingles need to be removed, the damaged areas of the underlying roofing structure need to be replaced and a more durable roofing material like laminated architectural shingles, rubber roofing or metal roofing needs to be installed. 

There have been chemical finishes for pine shake that have purported to extend it's life span, but these finishes have been found to corrode roofing nails, leading to the pine shingles get loose and potentially falling off. 

Signs of Pine Shake Roofing Problems

There are clear signs that your pine shake roof is rotting and will need to be replaced. For a Calgary pine shake roof that was installed more than a decade ago, as most are in Calgary, problems will be visible from street level. Here are some of the issues to keep an eye out for:

1. Older Roofs

With the exception of metal roofing, all roofs have a limited lifespan and will have to be replaced eventually. Even a properly maintained pine shake rook is unlikely to last more than 20 years. With most homeowners neglecting the regular maintenance, a pine roof installed more than 12 years ago is highly likely to need replacing.

2. Missing Shingles

Finding bare spots on your roof or pine shingles blown off your roof into your yard shows that the shingles have lost their strength. They may look okay on the surface, but the fact that pieces are falling off shows that there is rot under the surface.

3. Cracking or Curling Pine Shakes

Curling Pine Shakes Calgary has a very dry climate so pine shakes will start to crack and curl letting in water under the surface. Water freezing under the shakes expands putting further pressure on the wood.

4. Dark Spots on the Pine

Pine Shake RotIf you can spot darker spots on the surface of your roof, you can be certain there will be much more rotting taking place on the underside of your shingles.

Ultimately, you need to get on the roof to thoroughly inspect the quality. We don't recommend you go up on your roof, the risk of falling is high, particularly with loose shingles. If you are not sure about the integrity of your roof, feel free to give our roofing experts at Tony William a call. We’re happy to provide a no obligation inspection on the quality of your pine shake shingles.

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