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Preparing Your Home for a Roofing and Siding Renovation

No matter what kind of project you are planning, home renovations are likely to cause some disruption to your family. Tony William Roofing & Exteriors Calgary makes the process as simple as possible by always being respectful of your family's space and completing our work quickly and efficiently. Rest assured that we'll help you along every step of the way to make sure you are completely satisfied throughout the entire renovation and for years to come.

Preparing your Home for a Calgary Exterior Renovation

Preparing Your Home

Roofing and siding replacement are two of the most common and least disruptive of renovation projects. The work is all done outside of your home and can generally be completed in less than a couple weeks. At Tony Wiliam, we do everything we can to minimize hassles to your family, but there are still a few things you can do, as the homeowner, to get your home and your family ready for the big project.

Start by removing pictures and other fragile items from your walls and bookshelves. Roofing and siding projects can cause your walls to shake and may cause items to shift or fall. Protect your belongings by taking down all of your wall hangings and removing fragile items from shelves near exterior walls. 

Also, if you have children (or adults) who nap throughout the day, you might want to prepare ahead of time for noisy interruptions. If possible, try to change napping schedules before the renovations begin or consider a drive to get some uninterrupted quiet time away. 

Always Check the Driveway

While we do everything we can to clean up around your home at the end of each workday, you might find a stray nail here or there. Check your driveway before pulling out to make sure there aren't any nails you might run over. If feasible, it's also a good idea to park on the street during construction. The potential for damage is very low, but it's a good idea to be extra safe. Of course, if you find any debris, at any time, tell our crew and we will be happy to take care of it right away. 

Talk to Your Neighbours

Any renovation project can be an inconvenience for neighbours. Minimize conflicts by letting them know ahead of time that you are getting work done on your house. We'll do our best to minimize disruption for both you and your neighbours but there will be large trucks, a dumpster and our roofing and siding crews on site, so forewarning your neighbours is the polite thing to do.

Consider giving your next door neighbours a small token of appreciation such as home baked cookies or a thoughtful thank you card, especially if they allow you to use their driveway for extra room during the project.

Our Crew's Promise

While working on your home, our crew will become part of your surroundings for the duration of the project. We promise to treat both your home and your family as if they were our own. If you are living in your house during the project, our crew will start to feel like part of the family. We advise that the little ones refrain from playing around your home during the renovations, but we'll do our best to accommodate. Having a friendly crew working on your home makes the process much easier and you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands.

How Long Will it Take?

A typical siding or roofing renovation will take between two to three weeks, depending on the scope of the project. That might sound like a long time, but our team at Tony William will do our best to ensure that the inconvenience you experience during the process is minimal.

Exterior renovations can give your home a completely updated look while helping to maintain the quality of your house for years to come. Tony William provides the quality and dependability you need when renovating your home and promises to help you along every step of the way so you will be 100 percent satisfied with the results.

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