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Custom Siding Replacment Calgary

At Tony William Roofing & Exteriors, we specialize in custom siding projects for the perfect combination of materials to make a distinctive home exterior you won't find anywhere else. Our in-house siding crews have the diverse and unique experience of working with a wide variety of siding materials to bring out the best of your home. Rather than limiting your choices to one or two options, with Tony William there is no limit to the siding and roofing combinations possible.

Custom Siding Replacement Calgary, Alberta

Calgary Siding Materials

There are a wide variety of siding materials available for your Calgary home. Any single material is a fantastic option, but why not mix it up for a completely unique look? That is what we mean when we say we specialize in Calgary custom siding. Our exterior renovation specialists will help you choose the perfect siding materials to make your home a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

How about stucco with stone siding along the foundation? Consider vinyl siding with Kayu Batu soffit. Maybe you’ll choose a modern, metal siding with some wood accents? There are no limits to what our siding installation teams can do.

Here is an overview of your main siding options.

James Hardie Siding

James Hardie fiber cement siding offers durable protection for your home. Available in a variety of styles, textures and colours, you're sure to create the look you want.

Kayu Batu Hardwood Siding

Kayu Batu, or Red Balau Batu, is an exotic hardwood resistant to weather and is highly impact resistant. Kayu Batu can be used for full siding replacement, or for soffit and other accents. It’s also great for outdoor decks and walkways.

Longboard Siding

For the look of wood and the durability of aluminum, Longboard® siding is a perfect choice. It offers a modern, minimalist exterior without the maintenance of real wood.

Stone and Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding

Wind, sun and impact resistant vinyl siding is available in a variety of textures, styles and colours . Vinyl siding has become one of the most common siding replacement materials because of its low maintenance and great value. Stone and stucco are nice complements.

Stucco and Kayu Batu Hardwood siding replacement YYC


Stucco is one of the most common and affordable siding materials. It is very durable, fire resistant and is a good insulator. Stucco is a great siding base to complement stone, Kayu Batu, or vinyl siding.

Stucco Siding with Stone Accents

Stone Siding

Stone siding is extremely durable protection against moisture, wind and hail. Used as the main siding material or as an accent, Stone offers a natural, outdoor texture perfectly at home in western Canada.

Metal Siding

For extreme durability and minimal upkeep, metal siding is your choice. It’s sleek lines are perfect for modern, design-oriented homes and will look great for many decades to come. Consider mixing metal with Kayu Batu for a great combination of technology with nature.

Cedar Shakes

Cedar offers a traditional and natural siding that is hard to duplicate with modern materials. Cedar requires much more maintenance and upkeep, but it is still in demand for its warm aesthetic. Consider some stone siding accents for a natural, down-to-earth feel.

Custom Siding from Tony William

Whatever siding options you choose for your next Calgary exterior renovation, trust that Tony William has the expert craftsman and uncompromising customer you deserve. We employ our own in-house siding crews to make sure your siding replacement is done right. Call us today to see the difference Tony Wiliam Roofing & Exteriors can make on your home renovations.

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2018 marks a special year for our team at Tony William Roofing & Exteriors. It's our 10th year providing the good people of Calgary the best in designer exterior renovations. Thank you Calgary! We're looking forward to the next 10 years in this wonderful city!


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