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Our In-House Calgary Siding Crews

Did you know that Tony William Roofing & Exteriors has our own in-house siding crews? That means we hire and train our own employees for exterior renovation projects. In the roofing industry, it is becoming increasingly rare to hire employees because it is cheaper and easier to outsource to sub-contractors. At Tony William, we're happy to invest in our staff because we know it leads to higher quality work. 

Siding Calgary Crews

We do the Impossible

In fact, some of our competitors are saying that it’s "impossible" to keep in-house roofing and siding employees. If that’s the case, then Tony William Roofing & Exteriors is doing the impossible. We hire, train and develop our own staff because that’s the best way to ensure our high standards of quality, service and professionalism on every exterior renovation project we complete.

Our roofing teams are not costs to be minimized, they are integral assets to delivering exceptional roofing and siding replacements. Sure we could save a little bit of money by sub-contracting all our work to cheaper outsourced workers, but that’s not the kind of company we are building. We invest in training, team building exercises and other employee development activities to make sure that our roofing and siding crews are the best they can be. As a customer, you not only get quality installations, backed by our own warranty, you also get amazing service, clear communications and respect. At Tony William, we appreciate every single project and think our customers deserve the highest quality work and service.

Happy Employees Do Better Work

Just last week, our company went to play paintball outside of Calgary. Activities to bring our employees closer together, carry over into the quality of work we do. Employees that get along well and enjoy their jobs more, do better work. We think that makes great business sense.

Before playing paintball, we took the time to have one of our regular Tony William circle meetings to bring our team together and celebrate the successes we’re having, while making sure we continue to develop and excel. It costs a lot of money to have all our employees take a day off for team building activities, so we understand why most other roofing companies are not willing to make that investment. However, we don’t look at our employees as a cost. They are all invaluable, integral components to making Tony William Roofing & Exteriors the success it has become.

Calgary Roofing Meeting

Great Employees are our Secret Weapon

Our employees are our secret weapon so we make sure we invest as much as we can in them. As a company, we strive to train and engage our employees to follow and truly live our key core values of Positivity, Passion, Gratitude for Customers, High Quality Standards and Accountability. We know that this investment in our staff, shows up in the quality of every project we complete.

If you are shopping around for roofing and siding quotes for your home or business, always ask who is going to be doing the work. Are they trained  employees or outside sub-contractors working for the lowest price? Which would you prefer for your home renovation? While there are some great sub-contractors in Calgary, it’s difficult to surpass the quality of properly trained employees.

At Tony William, we’re proud of the work we do and we’re proud of our employees. If you are a Tony William customer, you've probably already met some of our amazing staff. If you are looking for exceptional exterior renovations in Calgary, give us a call. We'd love for you to meet one of our roofing and siding crews. 


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Serving Calgary for 10 Years

2018 marks a special year for our team at Tony William Roofing & Exteriors. It's our 10th year providing the good people of Calgary the best in designer exterior renovations. Thank you Calgary! We're looking forward to the next 10 years in this wonderful city!


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